Khamis, 14 April 2011

What women want...??

Do you ever know what women really want...
when they are in the worst situation of their life?
When they stuck in trouble?
When their job gone worst?
When PMS come by every month?
When their friends turn them down?
When they had a flat tyre and stuck in traffic jammed?
When  they burst their tears?
do you ever know, men?
They dont need you to swine...
not a break up.. neither your synical word nor a harsh critic... and not even become your punching bag
The only thing that they need are...
your ears to listen to and a shoulder to cry on.....

*credit to someone called friend...

4 ulasan:

  1. dah lama tak singgah sini..
    hai kak..

  2. terharunya dengar, semudah itu saja kan sebenarnya. tiba2 teringat kat anis. huhuhu

  3. ye, di at.. mudah je menjaga seorang wanita... jaga dik nis baik2